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E-planet offers a host of very helpful services for schools, language institutes, teachers and students. Our goal is to facilitate the educational process by covering every possible need.


You can now print your certificate from here.


The placement test includes a variety of questions that help us understand a student’s level of knowledge. There are two versions available, one for children and one for adults. 

Midterm tests for each level help teachers, parents and students evaluate the progress that has been made. These tests show students’ strengths and weaknesses and reveal areas in need of improvement. There are two versions for each test, one for children and one for adults.

Final tests for each level provide a good indicator of the knowledge a student has acquired over the year. Teachers, parents, students and school owners find these tests very helpful when assessing progress and making plans for the next academic year.


Customised Courses

E-planet offers a wide range of educational materials and tools that are adaptable to all countries, cultures and all types of learners. We are fully prepared to satisfy the needs of major organisations, such as universities, ministries and large corporations.
E-planet has all the necessary resources to serve its customers in a timely and responsible manner. We use the latest technology that provides both speed and security.

E-planet School Management Software

Organise your educational institute with the amazing E-planet School Management Software! It is convenient, user-friendly and very helpful to primary and secondary schools, language centres and universities.

Free Microsoft Office 365 Licence

E-planet offers a free copy of office 365 software.