Voices Level 6

Voices 6 transforms the study of language into a captivating experience. Our heroes are five teenagers full of curiosity and excitement. Along with Rooby, a wise robot, they help students discover English in a variety of real-life situations as they travel the world discovering new things about themselves and life. Vivid dialogues, moving real-life stories, environmental concerns and intriguing facts make this course both enjoyable and fun! Extra pages of writing tips, examples and exercises are included for ease of reference and further practice. Voices 6 helps students to grasp a deeper understanding of the English language and to achieve their full potential.
Junior Voices 6
  • Fifteen lessons
  • Three revision units
  • Extra grammar practice
  • Grammar Reference
Junior Voices 6
  • Fifteen lessons
  • Six revision units
  • Crosswords and other fun exercises
Junior Voices 6
  • Five revision units
  • Games, quizzes, crossword puzzles and other fun activities
Junior Voices 6
  • The Teacher’s Book is available in both digital and hard copy
  • Detailed teaching instructions
  • Answers to the exercises
  • Lesson reviews
  • Games and other creative activities
  • Downloadable listening tracks
  • Listening transcripts
Junior Voices 6
  • The Teacher’s Workbook is available in both digital and hard copy
  • Answers to the exercises
Junior Voices 6
  • The Teacher's Extra Practice Activities Book is available
    in both digital and hard copy
  • Answers to the exercises
Summer Voices 1
  • Dialogues, articles, and stories
  • Listening exercises
Junior Voices 2
  • Interactive materials compatible with whiteboards,
    smartboards and computers
  • Answers to the exercises
  • Listening tracks
  • Accessible in class and at home
Junior Voices 6
  • Access to the unique Learn English program
  • An extremely helpful pronunciation guide with
    voice recognition and evaluation
  • The Student’s Book in digital and interactive form
  • Extra interactive exercises
  • Grammar videos, audio tracks and other multimedia
Junior Voices 6
  • Three online tests over the course period
  • Helps teachers, schools, students and parents assess the learning process