Voices B1+

Voices 8 is a motivating course for teenagers, featuring intriguing and helpful topics. Combined with the groundbreaking Learn English program, it will guide students to learn all the necessary vocabulary and grammar for the B1+ level in a fun and effective way.
Package Components
• Student’s Book and Grammar • Workbook • Companion Book • Online Teacher’s Book and Grammar • Online Teacher’s Workbook • Online Audio Tracks • Interactive Whiteboard/Smartboard • E-learning Card / E-learning Software • Test Card
Junior Voices 1
  • Fifteen ten-page units
  • Five revision units
  • Grammar reference
  • Writing tips and models
Junior Voices 1
  • Fifteen six-page units
  • Rich illustrations
  • Online audio tracks for the listening exercises
Junior Voices 1
  • Fifteen units
Junior Voices 1
  • The Teacher’s Book and Grammar is available in both digital and hard copy
  • Detailed teaching instructions
  • Answers to the exercises
  • Lesson reviews
  • Extra information and activities Downloadable listening tracks
  • Listening transcripts
Junior Voices 1
  • The Teacher’s Workbook in digital form
  • Answers to the exercises
  • Dialogues, articles and stories
  • Listening exercises
  • Interactive materials compatible with whiteboards,
    smartboards and computers
  • Answers to the exercises
  • Listening tracks
  • Accessible in class and at home
Junior Voices 1
  • Access to the unique Learn English program
  • An extremely helpful pronunciation guide with
    voice recognition and evaluation
  • The Student’s Book in digital and interactive form
  • Extra interactive exercises
  • Grammar videos, audio tracks and other multimedia
Junior Voices 1
  • Three online tests over the course period
  • Helps teachers, schools, students and parents assess the learning process