Tests -


Children’s Placement Test

This test includes English-language questions that help us understand the child’s level of knowledge. It starts with simple questions and step by step progresses to more difficult ones. There is no time limit.

Adults’ Placement Test

In this test, you will answer a series of English-language questions. That way we will be able to understand your knowledge of English so that we can place you at the appropriate level. The test starts with simple questions for beginners. Then, step by step it progresses to more difficult ones. There is no time limit.

Children’s Midterm Tests

The online midterm tests are designed to help children find out how much they have learnt in the first part of their course. Teachers and parents will also be able to evaluate students’ progress. These tests can provide valuable feedback during the course.

Adults’ Midterm Tests

The Adults’ Midterm Test includes 40 questions to help you assess how many things you have learnt so far on your course. You have 60 minutes to complete the test.

Children’s Final Tests

The final tests have been created to assess students’ knowledge at the end of each course. Children, parents and teachers alike will receive important feedback on the progress made during the course.

Adults’ Final Tests

The Adults’ Final Test consists of 40 questions. This test will help you evaluate the knowledge that you have acquired during your course. The time limit is 60 minutes.