E-learning FAQ

What is Learn English?

Considering the fast-paced and increasing growth of the Internet, the challenge for language professionals today is how best to equip learners of English with the tools for dealing with English in the information era.

Learn English is the answer to this challenge. Learn English consists of English learning courses, a range of valuable information and community activities for the learner, plus examples of everyday language, exercises, conversations and videos available 24 hours, seven days a week.

Now you can experience our new e-learning program (Learn English). Learn English online and keep in touch with our English speaking community. Our program is a fully functional e-Learning platform with innovative training and testing options (self-assessments) and advanced conferencing applications (chat rooms and live chat support).

Is your software compatible with Mac?

Yes, Learn English is compatible with Mac, Windows and all the other operating systems.

What are the advantages of using Learn English?

Learn English is an online program which gives you the chance to learn English wherever you are, whenever you want. In addition, the Learn English design is easy to use; you can use it with minimal knowledge of computers and each step is demonstrated and explained through tutorial videos and demos, helping students understand all the small details and gain the most from Learn English.

How can I take full advantage of Learn English?

Students can reach a high level of fluency and language acquisition by following the instructions on all parts on Learn English, completing all exercises, watching the tutorial videos and finally trying to apply all this in their everyday life.

What should I do if I didn’t understand part of the unit?

Learn English provides students with various types of online support:

1- Live chat

When using Learn English, students can chat directly with one of the Learn English support team agents, giving students the chance to communicate instantly and get help to overcome any obstacles, problems or parts they don’t understand.

2- E-mail support

Students can also e-mail their questions anytime to support@eplaneteducation.com, we’ll be happy to help.

How can I contact technical support?

Students can contact our technical support team via:

1- Live chat

Students can write instant messages and get instant feedback from our technical support team.

2- E-mail support

With the email support service, students can send emails to our technical support team at support@eplaneteducation.com; this is our support department where you can send us your issues and queries. Our support department works online all weekdays.