Benefits of our franchise

Benefits of our Franchise Business

Our franchise agents enjoy a number of important benefits:

  1. Up-to-date supportive research and development
  2. Fully integrated services
  3. Increased productivity and profits
  4. Improved competitive position
  5. Live support for immediate solutions to problems
  6. Multinational help desk team for agent and customer support
  7. Systematic step-by-step agent support on staff selection, training, and evaluation


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  • Organisation and function of the branch
  • Teaching personnel management
  • Communication seminars
  • Sales seminars
  • Online teacher interview
  • Online teacher aptitude test
  • Online teacher seminars
  • Guide for face-to-face interviews
  • Online customer service interview
  • Online customer service aptitude test
  • Online seminars for customer service agents
  • Guide for face-to-face interviews
  • Seminars for educational consultants
  • Sales and educational service seminars
  • Communication seminars
  • Educational and administrative manuals
  • Supervision by central administration consultants
  • Business and marketing plans customised for each country and area
  • Marketing tools tailored to each country and area
  • Manage detailed student information with ease
  • Track students’ progress year by year
  • Organise products, orders and invoices
  • Create course timetables
  • See students’ surveys
  • Store detailed information for teachers
  • Collect fees and maintain accurate accounting records
  • Profit margin of up to 50%
  • One time investment, at the beginning of the enterprise
  • Small investment capital in relation to high annual profits
  • Return of investment in a short time
  • Company growth which is based on franchisees’ capitals
  • Income both from provision of services (students, franchise entry fees and royalties) and from sales of educational material (books, e-learning software, etc.)