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E-planet Education International Franchise


E-planet is a fully integrated company for ESL (English as a Second Language) educational services and business training. We have an established reputation and image, proven management and work practices, ongoing support and access to national advertising. Our goal is to make the gift of education accessible to every person around the world!

Now you can join the E-planet family and start your own branch!

Through years of experience, we know how to help our agents build the most successful and profitable franchise business. Our products and services are in great demand: our courses and software facilitate the learning of English, as well as soft skills and business skills. We use the most up-to-date methods combined with multifunctional administrative systems, aiming to offer the highest quality at affordable prices.

We help new and existing franchisees to achieve their goals in the local, national, and international market, by fully supporting our agents and working closely with them; we guide them step-by-step all the way to success. One of our core values is cooperation: together we can make your dreams come true!

Benefits of Our Franchise 

Now you can have the No. 1 language centre in your area with the help of E-planet Education International Franchise, the only one that offers the best quality products and services with the lowest possible start-up capital.

Here are some of the benefits our franchise agents enjoy:

✔ Profit margin of up to 50%

✔ One-time investment, at the beginning of the enterprise​

✔ Return of investment in a short time

✔ Revenues generated through both the provision of educational services and the sales of books, e-learning programs, etc.

✔ Guaranteed stability of prices 

✔ Up-to-date supportive research and development

✔ Systematic step-by-step support on staff selection, training and evaluation

✔ Live support for immediate solutions

✔ We provide all necessary products and services, eliminating the need for other suppliers 

✔ Satisfaction from helping others get a better education and life

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